Syntez NDT company will participate in NDT Russia 2023


Since 1988, Syntez NDT, CJSC has been developing and manufacturing permanent industrial X-ray machines, power supplies for them, as well as additional equipment for radiographic control.

Syntez NDT company will participate in NDT Russia 2023
Syntez NDT company was founded in 1988 in Leningrad (currently Saint-Petersburg, Russia). The first developments were made on order for JME Ltd. (Great Britain), which needed devices of constant potential of a uniquely small size for controlling cable couplings and for crawlers. 

For several years, different models of devices have been created by the company, that met the requirements of JME Ltd. There are still no analogues of these devices. The most widely used X-ray machine is SHT-180 for 6-inch crawlers. In Russia, it is known as the RPD-180 SVP.

Extensive experience in the manufacture of non-destructive testing equipment, rich scientific potential and a powerful production base allow Sintez NDT to offer customers adequate prices for X-ray machines that meet the most stringent requirements of modern industry with their technical characteristics.

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