Mashprojekt LLC new development - portable electromagnet for MPD


Mashprojekt LLC has developed its own electromagnet for magnetic powder control of the EMA-100.

Mashprojekt LLC new development - portable electromagnet for MPD
The device effectively detects surface and subsurface defects in the main material and welded joints.

Advantages of the electromagnet EMA-100:
– A separate power cable that is connected through a special connector that ensures complete tightness of the connection. The possibility of disconnecting the cable greatly facilitates the operation and transportation of the device.
– Durable dust- and moisture-proof housing with IP54 protection class allows you to work in difficult production or field conditions.
– The adjustable hinge design of the electromagnet yoke ensures efficient operation on parts of any configuration and orientation. The interpolar distance varies from 24 to 263 mm.
– It is possible to control various objects and their welds by magnetizing the entire product or its individual sections.

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