Newcom - NDT - the official distributor of Duerr NDT


Newcom - NDT represents the interests of Duerr NDT and supplies equipment for computer radiography in the non-destructive testing (NDT) sector.

Newcom - NDT - the official distributor of Duerr NDT
The limited liability company Newcom - NDT is the official distributor of Duerr NDT, and was specially formed in November 2010 to create a wide dealer network and increase sales of complexes for computer radiography in Russia, Azerbaijan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus.
  • portable reusable plate scanners CR 35 NDT / HD-CR 35 NDT are optimal for mobile applications in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries;
  • CR 43 NDT / HD-CR 43 NDT automatic scanners are ideal for industrial enterprises in the nuclear and aerospace industries, exclude direct contact with plates and provide a cassette life of at least 25 thousand cycles;
  • universal software "X-Vizor" works together with various devices-sources of radiographic images;
  • storage plates for computer radiography complexes of various formats, including high spatial resolution;
  • digitizers of X-ray films VIDAR NDT PRO and Array 2905 HD;
  • complexes digital radiography "CARAT" KR and processors "KARAT NEVA", which meet the requirements of the import substitution program, and can be used for any projects on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • x-ray system "KARAT RTS" and the APK (hardware and software) "KARAT РС35"
  • automatic developing machine XR 24 NDT - one of the most compact in the world, convenient for mobile use;
  • accessories for scanners, development equipment and plates, allowing to make their use more convenient;
  • eco-friendly chemicals for developing radiographic film.

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