POLYINFORM will take part in the NDT Russia 2021 exhibition


POLYINFORM has been working in the field of industrial and environmental safety since 1989. Over the years, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in land reclamation, elimination of the consequences of accidental oil spills, cleaning of surface and underground water, diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines.

POLYINFORM will take part in the NDT Russia 2021 exhibition
For years of working the company has gained wide experience of the oil contaminated soil remediation, liquidation of the accidental petroleum products spills aftermath, water surface and groundwater cleaning, the diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines.
To date POLYINFORM has treated more than 350 hectares of contaminated soil, 280 000 m3 of oil sludge, 95,000 m2 of water surface, more than 2,000 km of main and field pipelines were inspected in 17 Russian regions. All works are carried out using our own innovative technology and in strict accordance with the requirements of «Russian Technical Supervisory Authority» and environmental standards. All completed projects also passed state ecological examination of the Ministry of Natural Resources and its regional committees.
The main treasure of the company is an experienced scientific and technical staff, including seven doctors and candidates of sciences, a high technical level which allows us to solve problems of any difficulty. POLYINFORM possesses modern scientific and technological base including chemical and microbiological laboratories, laboratory of nondestructive testing, manufacturing line for the production of biological products, our own remediation site, and high-technology equipment.

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