Oktanta company will participate in NDT Russia 2021


Oktanta Company was founded in 2010 for development of precision measuring instruments and equipment for non-contact non-destructive testing.

Oktanta company will participate in NDT Russia 2021
 Teamwork of Oktanta Company experts and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University researchers has made a scientific breakthrough in the field of non-contact ultrasonic wave excitation using electromagnetic-acoustic conversion (EMAT). Thereby, the company has one of the world’s best implementations of EMAT technology. Owing to this technology, thickness measurement and flaw detection of the metal test objects (control of welded seams, search of cracks, pitting corrosion, exfoliation, insulation peeling and so on) can be made without couplant and advance surface preparation. The technology is used in EM2210, EM1301, EM1401 thickness gauges.

To implement the projects for development and maintenance of robotic diagnostic centres for industrial oil and gas facilities and improvement of the facilities safety a separate “Research and production association “Oktanta” Company was founded in 2015.

The company participates in the “Skolkovo” Innovation Centre that aims to develop research and designing and commercialize its results according to the Federal Law № ФЗ-244.


The primary focus is on the non-contact NDT methods such as EMAС, eddy current method, magnetic method and laser profilometry.

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