NOVOTEST will participate in NDT Russia 2021


NOVOTEST – developer and manufacturer of non-destructive testing devices and systems.

NOVOTEST will participate in NDT Russia 2021
The company's product line includes such devices as portable and stationary metal and rubber and plastic hardness meters (durometers), ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges, electrolytic and magnetic powder flaw detectors, coating thickness meters, adhesive meters and devices for monitoring the strength and elasticity of coatings, various viscometers, concrete and building materials strength meters, armaturoscope, magnetometer, stukturoscope-coerciometer, dew point calculator and many others. The company has developed and implemented stationary quality control systems for coatings and machine vibration, as well as portable systems for automatic hardness measurement.
NOVOTEST also offers various hardness measures, transducers, and standard samples (CO) for ultrasonic testing, including industry-specific co AND SOP (enterprise standard samples).
The company's products are widely known outside of Russia. NOVOTEST's sales geography extends to countries such as Ukraine, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, and many others. Every year the number of dealers around the world increases.
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