Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd will present NDT devices based on the use of MMM at the exhibition


Energodiagnostika is the lead developer of a fundamentally new method and non-destructive testing devices based on the use of metal magnetic memory (MMM). The company works in the field of industrial safety of various industries and quality control of mechanical engineering products.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd will present NDT devices based on the use of MMM at the exhibition
Visit the company's stand at the NDT Russia exhibition on October 27-29, get acquainted with the samples of devices and get comprehensive information about the company's activities:
  • development of specialized control methods for various industries using magnetic metal memory;
  • development of Rostechnadzor guidelines, Russian and international standards in the field of non-destructive testing;
  • development and production of specialized monitoring devices and sensors for the metal magnetic memory method, verification, warranty and post-warranty service;
  • research work in the field of fracture mechanics, reliability and magnetic methods of non-destructive testing;
  • practical and theoretical training and certification of nondestructive testing specialists with the issuance of qualification certificates for magnetic, ultrasonic, eddy current, visual-measuring methods of control, stress-strain state control;
  • performing practical work on diagnostics of equipment, pipelines, metal structures, machine parts (new and old) in various industries and predicting the remaining resource using the method of magnetic metal memory;
  • assessment of technical condition and early diagnostics of equipment damage in the interests of insurance companies to insure risks in the field of industrial safety.

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