SINTEZ NPF represents emitters for industrial radiography and x-ray vision.


The company's products are designed for quality control of welds and non-destructive testing of subassemblies. Visit SINTEZ NPF stand at the NDT Russia exhibition .

SINTEZ NPF represents emitters for industrial radiography and x-ray vision.
The company has developed and mass-produced a number of models of devices of constant potential. Mass-produced products are equipped with microprocessor control, are supplied complete with self-powered devices, remote controls; ready-made kits are Packed in convenient metal cases for storage and carrying during the entire period of operation of portable equipment.
Special x-ray emitters have also been developed and manufactured, including for medical purposes and for inspection equipment. All products are subject to strict quality control of individual components and components, as well as finished devices, and are subjected to mechanical and climatic tests. The company provides a full range of services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair.
SINTEZ NPF also develops and produces energy-efficient high-voltage power supplies used for the production and modernization of a wide range of technological equipment for various purposes. A number of models are mass-produced, and high-voltage power supply units can also be designed and manufactured in accordance with individual customer specifications.
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