It's time to meet! NDT Russia will be held on October 27-29, 2020 at Crocus Expo.


Crocus Expo officially announced the resumption of normal operation from August 1, 2020. This moment was eagerly awaited by the audience of the NDT Russia exhibition, for which the largest industry event in Europe on non-destructive testing is a necessary tool for building an effective enterprise.

It's time to meet! NDT Russia will be held on October 27-29, 2020 at Crocus Expo.
While for some companies the complete transition to remote work and online communication is painless, for science-intensive industries, live testing of devices, accompanied by consultations of technical experts, has been and remains the most effective way to assess the applicability of equipment and make a decision on deliveries. It is for this reason that even during the most difficult period of self-isolation, as noted by the organizers, the interest of participants in the upcoming exhibition did not fade, and the registration of visitors is ahead of schedule compared to 2019.
This year, more than 80 companies will take part in the exhibition, which will present equipment for non - destructive testing in all industries: metalworking, mechanical engineering, aircraft and shipbuilding, chemical and petrochemical, nuclear, defense, space industry, electric power, as well as in construction, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other industries.
Russian research and production enterprises, representative offices of foreign manufacturing companies and leading suppliers will demonstrate equipment for all types of non-destructive testing, including: optical, x-ray, radiation, ultrasonic, visual, acoustic emission, thermal, eddy current, capillary, magnetic powder, electric, coating quality control, insulation and cathodic protection control, penetrant control, tightness control, gas analysis, digital and computer radiography, as well as metallographic, measuring equipment, optical microscopes, metal alloy analyzers, geodetic equipment, remote laser detectors, sensor equipment, rotary video cameras for special equipment, cars, boats.
Visiting the NDT Russia exhibition provides a unique opportunity to test equipment directly at the participants ' stands and, if necessary, order and certify devices and systems according to individual requirements.
Along with the equipment, participants of the exhibition offer services for NC and technical diagnostics. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to consult with technical specialists of participating companies and find reliable partners for technical diagnostics at the enterprise.

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