Association vast LLC has installed a stationary vibration diagnostics system.


On the instructions of the Magnitogorsk iron and steel works, work was carried out to develop methods and implement a system for vibration diagnostics of centrifugal blast fans at the LPC-10 ventilation station.

Association vast LLC has installed a stationary vibration diagnostics system.
During the work, the vibration characteristics of fans were studied to identify the most informative vibration parameters for determining the actual state of the units being diagnosed.
We also developed a method for vibration diagnostics, which describes an algorithm for determining the signs of defects characteristic of this type of fan.
As a result of the work carried out, a stationary vibration diagnostics system SMD-4 MMK was developed and installed on one of the fans of the LPC-10 station.
Stationary vibration diagnostics system SMD-4 MMK is designed for:
  • diagnostics of the current technical condition of the fan of the LPC-10 station with the definition of incipient and developing defects;
  • continuous monitoring of the technical condition of the controlled fan with short-term forecasting and evaluation of the period of trouble-free operation;
  • displaying and transmitting information with recommendations on the necessary maintenance of the diagnosed fan to the service personnel;
  • balancing in its own supports using external devices that are connected to the vibration sensors of the SMD-4 MMK system.
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