LLC "Spectroflash" presents the PAMIR-300 MONO x-ray flaw detector.


The new PAMIR-300 MONO x-ray flaw detector is an improved model of the famous PAMIR-300 device. The purpose of its development was to improve the mobility of the device and increase its reliability.

The PAMIR series produced by Spectroflash LLC belongs to the class of pulsed x-ray devices based on explosive electronic emission in x-ray tubes with a cold cathode. Devices of this type have small dimensions and weight, simple design and relatively low cost, and therefore are widely used by many installation organizations.
The development of the PAMIR series was the development of a new design of the device, in which the x-ray and electronic parts are combined into one monoblock. This made it possible to get rid of the most vulnerable and inconvenient element of the entire structure – the high-voltage cable.
Now the monoblock is controlled using a small-sized manual control panel. The remote is connected to the monoblock either by a thin coaxial cable, 30 meters long, or via a radio channel. The exposure timer is located on the back wall of the monoblock.
The total operating time of the device for one hour should not exceed 20 minutes.
The PAMIR-300 MONO is powered by a built-in battery. A full battery charge is sufficient for 30 minutes of operation. The charge time is about 1 hour.

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