Information support

Internet platform for non-destructive testing specialists. NDT SPACE project was created to bring together specialists working in the field of non-destructive testing.
Oil and gas industry
An industry magazine for specialists of O&G production and processing enterprises. Publications are on technologies, equipment and solutions for O&G production and refining, as well as cases of successful implementation of digital solutions and trends in the oil and gas sector.
Industrial pages
A federal magazine for those who develop and modernize a manufacturing enterprise. Publications are about metalworking equipment, tools, technologies, changes in industry, as well as cases of successful implementation of equipment and solutions from developers.
The leading information and analytical center in the Russian petrochemical industry. Publishes news and analytical reviews of the latest developments in the industry. RUPEC is the voice of the expert community in the petrochemical and polymer industry.
"Technology Development Equipment"
Russian Technical Magazine "Technology Development Equipment"
Specialized magazine dedicated to energy and electrical engineering, 15 years in the industrial information market, winner of the largest industrial exhibitions (more than 700 exhibitions during the period of existence) and forums, leader in the specialized press market
"Cement and its Application"
The magazine "Cement and its Application" is an independent publication devoted to technical, economic and scientific aspects of cement production and application in Russia and abroad.
A specialized industry Internet portal, the purpose of which is to provide all players of the electrical market with a convenient information, commercial platform
"Energy News"
An industry news agency that is a provider of up-to-date information about everything that is happening in the energy market, allowing you to learn about all events in the industry online and as objectively as possible
Russian business magazine "Point of support"
The magazine publishes current materials from press conferences and briefings held by the heads of leading ministries and departments of various industries.
Heavy engineering
International Exhibition Portal
International exhibitions services
"Electrical Engineering Market" Reference Magazine
It is a specialized magazine covering the issues of the electrical market and an industry directory that includes information about companies operating in this market, their description and contact information
Tekhnadzor, publishing house
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